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Explore the dynamic landscape of New York property transfers with our daily updates, providing real-time information. Our dedicated research team at Traded goes beyond the basics, delving into each transaction to reveal the entities involved, shedding light on both the buyer and the seller.

Our comprehensive list ensures you stay informed about the latest property movements. Keep an eye out for a distinctive red line on the left side of addresses – a visual cue that indicates whether a property is a condominium (condo) or cooperative (co-op).

This simple yet effective notation streamlines your understanding of property types, making your exploration of New York’s real estate transfers both efficient and insightful.


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Learn who the most active buyers in the market are and what they buying. Be first to know when a deal breaks, straight to your inbox every day.

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Don’t play detective. We do the detective work of finding the buyer behind LLC’s and entities so you don’t have to.

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We’ve partnered with XYZ company to provide the most probably contact phone numbers and email addresses for all possible leads.

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Discover the latest trends in the market, gain insights into loans ahead of the curve, identify the most active players, and access comprehensive loan data.

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