Over the last year, Traded has become a critical component of our marketing strategy. Their global reach and deep market insight have certainly been instrumental to our increased exposure. Klosed Properties started in 2007, and has closed over 85 acquisitions valued over $400,000,000.

Steven Kachanian

Traded is an invaluable tool for our business. There is no better way to publicize a deal in today’s world. The amount of calls and texts that I get when the post goes up just shows the reach that TradedNY has and the credibility it brings when closing deals.

Anand Melwani

Traded allows Real Estate agents to view real data in real-time. By utilizing social media to receive information, Traded provides another channel to promote deals and reach a new audience.

Christopher Riccio:

Traded has been an invaluable source to keep us up to date on the pulse of the market. We closed on over 20 properties in the past three years and many were featured on TradedNY. The exposure helped us generate more deals and build strong relationships. Traded has been an amazing platform to help

Johnny Din: CEO

Traded has been a valuable platform in providing us with real-time, reliable industry intel, as well as an opportunity to expand the reach of information related to our transactions across a global, digital real estate community.

The Alexander Team

With tremendous market exposure to stakeholders in the commercial real estate industry, Traded is a one-stop-shop for market intel and investment research. With a quick daily glance, Traded lets you know who is making their mark on .

Josh Lipton: Co-Founder

TradedLa has helped me grow my business and market my deals to client I wasn’t privy to and has lead to more opportunities with greater recognition in the industry. After my deal gets posted, I usually get a handful of prospective clients who reach out to get further intel on how I can add value

Brian Asheghian

TradedLA is a premier page to keep people informed on some up to minute prime time sales.
It’s one of my personal favorite follows” Jordan closes over $100,000,000 in sales, annually.

Jordan Cohen Testimonial
Jordan Cohen: #1 RE/MAX Agent Worldwide

Traded offers a spectacular outlet for sourcing deals!

Kathy Anderson Testimonial
Kathy Anderson: Founding Partner

Traded has been a game changing publication that services the Real Estate industry with the utmost professionalism.

Testimonial Brett Weinblatt
Brett Weinblatt: Vice President

“If you care about knowing what’s going on in the real estate industry, Traded is a Must Follow. It’s a tool that delivers transparency to an otherwise opaque marketplace.”

Testimonial TED Robottom
Ted Robottom: VIce President

“Traded carries more weight in the NYC CRE industry than a mention in the NY Times.”

Michael Rudder: Founder &. President

Traded LA has been a real force in our local commercial real estate market.
Following Traded LA has allowed me to put a face to the name of the deal makers and track deals that sometimes don’t show up through CoStar or other sources. It’s not only fun to read the deal stories, but

Oron Maher - Fonder

“Traded is an incredible digital platform for all commercial real estate professionals. I have received numerous calls from potential clients after being featured on Traded NY and have closed several deals from those calls.”

Marcel Fridman: Founder

Traded has been extremely helpful for my business.
Not only can I keep up to date with transactions in my market but I can also advertise my own transactions to gain credibility and expand my business.

Testimonial - Sterman
Michael Sterman - Vide President

Traded is a great platform for individuals to gain exposure in the marketplace. Especially for young agents who are starting out with not much of a track record. Furthermore, it’s a helpful way to keep track of the market. Michael Monempour Top Land Value and Apartment Broker in West LA, closed over $100,000,000 in deals.

Testimonial Head Shot
Michael Monempour | Vice President

“In NYC real estate… you close deals or you’re nothing. Traded is the sounding board of the hustlers, winners, and closers of NYC CRE. They quickly have become the top deal announcement platform online. If you’re not on Tradedyou did not win, you probably lost.”

Chris Okada: Founder and President

“Traded has revolutionized the way brokers market themselves.  The constant exposure on Traded improved my social media presence and helped me develop the right leads into relationships”

Lev Mevashev: Founder & Managing Principal

“Traded has helped B6 Real Estate Advisors grow their brand recognition across NYC. They are clearly the go-to platform for buyers, sellers, and brokers, to highlight successful transactions, and promote one another across Social Media. It gives us brokers a clear glance at what is trading in real time, so we can be smarter at

DJ Johnston: Partner and Senior Managing Director

“Traded is the go-to source for the latest breaking sales. When our closings are posted, our phones and emails light up. Thank you for sharing with your incredibly powerful network.”

James Nelson: Principal

“Traded has upended the formerly opaque NYC commercial real estate market by providing real time clarity on who the active players are and where transactions are getting done.  As a boutique real estate investment sales brokerage firm that handles over 60 NYC property sales per year, Traded has given us exposure to market participants who

Derek Bestreich: Founder & Principal

“Traded has become one of the go-to sources for deal tracking within the commercial real estate arena. This is an exact example of how social media can make a legitimate difference — in allowing my team to get reliable comp information and keep a finger on the pulse of which buyers are active in the

John Brennan: Vice President

“Traded has added personality into the business and helped educate the market on the brokers closing the deals versus the brokers pretending to close deals. It has made the game even more fun and added a dimension to the 5th major sport in New York City –  Real Estate”

Shaun Riney Testimonial Image
Shaun Riney: Managing Partner

“It’s amazing how Traded developed a cult following and then became a mainstream go-to in lightning time. Within hours of one of my closings being posted on Traded, my phone and email light up with congratulations. When my Traded sales get posted on LinkedIn they get between 10,000 and 13,000 views, bringing great PR and

Greg Corbin: Executive Managing Director - ‎Rosewood Realty Group

“We look to Traded to help promote our needs and keep us in touch with the right people in our industry at the right times. Many integral relationships were made through Traded’s exposure. We also use Traded to stay on top of our game and see what deals are being done in the market whether

Joseph Jemal: President

“Traded has been an impactful marketing tool for our firm.  We closed over $150M in deals last year, many of which were featured on Traded. We have consistently found their audience to be filled with serious industry participants who want to know who is active in the market”

Seth Weissman: Managing Partner

“Traded has changed the way we connect with buyers that are strategically looking to social media for exclusive deals and the best commercial advisory teams in the City. Their platform has provided exposure to both long-term and new clients within the Brooklyn market.”

Ofer Cohen: Founder & President

“Traded’s simplicity is the key to their success.”

Daniel Lolai: Principal

“Traded has successfully tapped into one of the most active audiences in real estate social media. The opportunity to share our Team Preuss product flow in their platform has helped us spread our high volume activity across a broad spectrum of our trade markets.”

Stephen Preuss: Vice Chairman

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