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Tina Endicott Acquires Development Property In Charlestown For $2.1M

9 Eden Street

This Development Site property located in MA was sold for $2,100,000 over 2 years ago. The brokers of the deal were Ryan Taylor and Justin Pepple

Located at 9 Eden Street in Charlestown, MA, this development property was recently sold in a closed transaction. The property spans 5,319 square feet and features a total selling price of $2,100,000, resulting in a price per square foot of $395.

Summary of transation details

  • Property Type: Development
  • Transaction Amount: $2,100,000
  • Address: 9 Eden Street, Charlestown, MA
  • Market: Charlestown, MA
  • Buyer: Tina Endicott
  • Seller: Julian Lewis
  • Brokers: Ryan Taylor & Justin Pepple - Fortune Realty
  • Square Footage: 5,319
  • Price per Square Foot: $395

The deal was facilitated by the brokers Ryan Taylor and Justin Pepple from Fortune Realty. They represented both the buyer, Tina Endicott, and the seller, Julian Lewis, in this transaction. The property's sale price and square footage make it a noteworthy acquisition for the buyer.

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  • Location
    9 Eden Street, Charlestown, Boston, Massachusetts, USA9 Eden Street, Charlestown, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Sale Price
    $394 PPSF$394 PPSF
  • Area
    5,319 SF5,319 SF
  • Asset Type
    Development SiteDevelopment Site
  • Parties
    2 Brokers, 1 Agency2 Brokers, 1 Agency


Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor



Fortune Realty

Fortune Realty



Deal Summary

SALE IMAGE: Ryan Taylor & Justin Pepple DATE: 09/24/2021 ADDRESS: 9 Eden Street MARKET: Charlestown, MA ASSET TYPE: Development BUYER: Tina Endicott SELLER: Julian Lewis BROKERS: Ryan Taylor & Justin Pepple - Fortune Realty SALE PRICE: $2,100,000 SF: 5,319 ~ PPSF: $395 BSF: 5,901 ~ PPBSF: $356


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9 Eden Street

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