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Zillow Alumni Raise $110M to Launch New AI-Powered Home Search Platform

Zillow Alumni Raise $110M to Launch New AI-Powered Home Search Platform
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Tomo, a mortgage startup founded by Zillow alumni, is paving the way for a new era in real estate with the launch of Tomo Real Estate. With $110 million in funding, Tomo Real Estate aims to provide homebuyers with unparalleled insight to revolutionize the way they approach purchasing a home. By offering a unique home search experience that goes beyond traditional methods, Tomo Real Estate empowers buyers with the knowledge needed to navigate negotiations successfully and secure their dream home.

Enhancing the Homebuying Journey

In a world where technology has advanced rapidly, Tomo recognizes the need for innovation in the home shopping experience. With a foundation in simplifying the mortgage process, Tomo is now extending its expertise to redefine how individuals search and discover their ideal homes. By focusing on the nuanced aspects of home hunting beyond basic criteria, Tomo is dedicated to streamlining the search and find process, setting a new standard in the real estate industry.

A New Era in Home Hunting

Launching with a widespread reach across major U.S. real estate listings, Tomo Real Estate presents a groundbreaking approach tailored for modern home buyers. Through pioneering AI technology, the platform redefines the search experience by enabling users to effortlessly articulate their dream home features in natural language. By simply describing their ideal property, buyers can uncover precise matches swiftly, streamlining the home-search process with unprecedented ease and accuracy. Moreover, the integration of computer vision sets Tomo Real Estate apart by extracting a wealth of property attributes from photos, providing a comprehensive view beyond traditional property descriptions.

Empowering Buyers with Valuable Insights

In addition to its innovative search capabilities, Tomo Real Estate furnishes buyers with essential data, including valuable insights into home equity and owner details. Leveraging equity data equips buyers with strategic leverage by offering a glimpse into a seller's financial position, facilitating informed negotiation strategies. Furthermore, the platform grants access to owner names sourced from public records, shedding light on sellers' motivations and enhancing buyers' understanding of the transaction landscape.

A Fresh Perspective on Real Estate Guidance

Discover a new approach to home buying with Tomo Real Estate. Say goodbye to drowning in excessive information and ads, and welcome tailored, practical insights that set you up for success. Tomo Real Estate isn't just a portal; it's supposed to be your strategic ally in the journey to finding your dream home.

A Winning Team for Home Buyers

Aligned with Tomo Mortgage's renowned purchase mortgage business, Tomo Real Estate adds another layer of excellence. With record-high customer satisfaction ratings, Tomo Mortgage outshines industry giants with superior NPS scores, a testament to its tech-driven solutions and exceptional customer care.

Published: February 21, 2024

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