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Disney & Michaels Organization Move Forward with 1,410-unit Affordable Housing Development

Disney & Michaels Organization Move Forward with 1,410-unit Affordable Housing Development
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An ambitious initiative to combat Florida's widespread affordable housing challenge has taken a significant leap forward with Walt Disney World and The Michaels Organization's joint efforts in Horizon West. Recently, Orange County's Planning and Zoning Commission gave a favorable nod towards a land use amendment for Disney's extensive 114-acre property. This step signifies a crucial advancement in the development of a sprawling affordable housing community. The well-coordinated collaboration between the entertainment giant and the New Jersey-based developer is set to introduce approximately 1,410 apartments, with more than 1,000 units specifically dedicated to affordable housing, directly catering to the urgent need for accessible residential spaces in the area.

A New Residential Landscape Emerges

The partnership between Walt Disney World and The Michaels Organization stands as a beacon of hope in addressing the escalating demand for affordable housing in Central Florida's Horizon West region. This endeavor promises to usher in a wave of change by providing a substantial number of affordable housing units, striving to create a more inclusive and sustainable living environment for the community. As plans continue to unfold, the proposed development holds the potential to redefine the housing landscape in the area, offering a glimpse of a more equitable and vibrant future.

The vision unfolds as the Horizon West Village H special planning area extends its boundaries to include Disney's land, setting the stage for future village development. Nestled near Avalon and Hartzog Roads just off State Road 429, this property boasts 75 acres of developable land while preserving the majority as wetlands, emphasizing a commitment to sustainable growth. This strategic initiative marks a collaboration between Disney and The Michaels Organization to integrate affordable housing seamlessly into the community without compromising its architectural and cultural essence.

Published: February 22, 2024

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