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Michael Rudder

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Greg Corbin

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James Nelson

Avison YoungView
"Traded has added personality into the business and helped educate the market on the brokers closing the deals versus the brokers pretending to close deals. It has made the game even more fun and added a dimension to the 5th major sport in New York City – Real Estate"

Shaun Riney

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Marcel Fridman

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Julian Cohen

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Kathy Anderson

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Lee Kleinman

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Michael Sterman

Marcus & MillichapView
"Traded is one of the best sources for real-time transaction data in the industry."

Ryan McManus

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Dina Goldentayer

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Matt Swerdlow

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"Traded could be one of the fastest-growing business media platforms in the country. Their technology, reach and customer service are all top-notch. If you are not using Traded to press your closings you need to get with the times."

Shanna Naim

ENS RealtyView

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Elevate your personal brand by showcasing your insights and contributions. Gain visibility within the industry, opening doors to new prospects and enhancing your professional reputation.


Connect with a dynamic community of professionals and thought leaders in the commercial real estate industry. Our platform is a launchpad for building meaningful relationships that can lead to lasting collaborations and opportunities.

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Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive insights and knowledge. Learn from the experiences and strategies of seasoned investors and developers, and keep yourself updated with the latest market trends.

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Connect, Learn, and Grow: As a Traded Student Marketeer, you are more than just a participant — you are a collaborator in a global community. Engage with a diverse range of thought leaders, share ideas, and be a part of a network that’s shaping the future of commercial real estate.

The Characteristics of a Student Ambassador

Embody the Qualities of Success


Exhibit a high standard of ethics and conduct. Be the epitome of reliability, respect, and excellence in all your interactions.


Articulate your thoughts clearly and listen actively. Your role in conveying information is crucial in fostering understanding and collaboration.

Strategic Thinking

Approach your tasks with foresight and planning. Understand the larger market dynamics and how each interaction fits into this bigger picture.


Demonstrate your ability to adapt and find creative solutions. Utilize your skills and networks effectively to overcome challenges.

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