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DirectFi Provides Construction Loan For Mixed-Use Property In Ventura

186 Bell Way, Ventura, Ca 93001

This Mixed-use property located in CA received a loan of $2,300,000 12 months ago. The broker of the deal was Abdo Pierre Faissal

The mixed-use property located at 186 Bell Way in Ventura has been involved in a recent closed transaction. Spanning over 18,045 square feet, this asset offers a diverse range of uses including commercial and residential space. The transaction took place on 03/16/2023.

Summary of transation details

  • Property Type: Mixed-use
  • Transaction Amount: $2,300,000
  • Address: 186 Bell Way
  • Market: Ventura
  • Lender: DirectFi - Arman Singh & Abdo Pierre Faissal
  • Landlord: Prakash Prajapati
  • Loan Type: Construction Loan

DirectFi, represented by Arman Singh & Abdo Pierre Faissal, acted as the lender in this transaction. Prakash Prajapati assumed the role of the landlord for this property. The loan obtained amounted to $2,300,000 and was classified as a construction loan.

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  • Location
    186 Bell Way, Ventura, Ca 93001186 Bell Way, Ventura, Ca 93001
  • Loan Value
  • Asset Type
  • Parties
    1 Broker, 1 Lender1 Broker, 1 Lender


Abdo Pierre Faissal

Abdo Pierre Faissal


Arman Singh

Arman Singh

Volume$ 4.9M


Deal Summary

LOAN IMAGE: Arman Singh & Abdo Pierre Faissal DATE: 03/16/2023 ADDRESS: 186 Bell Way MARKET: Ventura ASSET TYPE: Mixed-use ~ SF: 18,045 LENDER: DirectFi (@Directfi.co) - Arman Singh (@Armanicoochiani) & Abdo Pierre Faissal (@Apfrealty) LANDLORD: Prakash Prajapati LOAN AMOUNT: $2,300,000 LOAN TYPE: Construction Loan


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186 Bell Way, Ventura, Ca 93001

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